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Due to some silliness on my part I was looking at where I was born and found this website whish is just one of the several listed. I was born on Tyndall AirForce base in Panama City, FL. ( and this is a boring but accurate website of the base. Kinda neat to think about it now... Glad we moved as it is really horribly hot there. I went back to visit in May 1998 with my Aunt and Uncle (Aunt was there with Mom and Dad when I was born) and it was cool to have her show me where she and Mom hung out as Teens and where Grandma's house was and all. Want to go back to visit and got to DisneyWorld again, just don't want to drive it! We drove from TX where my aunt and uncle live to FL and stopped along the way in Louisanna and went to the Tabassco Factory and then on to Panama City then down to Orlando. It was a nice trip and I needed it having only a few months left until I was single again(Divorce was final in July of that year!) It was just great to hang out with my Favorite Aunt and Uncle and see stuff I had never seen.

Okay enough of this. Must get ready to go to game night and play Totally 80's Trivial Pursuit(PLEASE Gang?!)I didn't even look at the cards! They are still in their plastic so now one would think I read ahead! XD


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