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"And then in the midst of blinding white-out, you realize that part of the first one is making sure that the people you depend on are, well, dependable. If you continue to stumble and hope they'll catch you, and they continue to drop you and keep walking, it is as much your fault as theirs. If your friends leave you in the desert, at some point you must take responsibility for the fact that you ought to have either planned for it, or chosen better friends.

Just because you were someone's friend for a long time, does not guarantee that they will be your friend forever. I've never had to deal with this outside the context of major life changes: moves, marriages, religious conversion, death. Growing up means accepting that sometimes people are not who you expected, and that sometimes they just change. Admitting that you were wrong is as much a part of it as allowing that they are not the person you once knew. You shift course in the dust and the wind, you anchor your eyes on a non-moving object - the mountains in the distance or the angle of your shadow - and you walk on.

I read this tonight and it hit home. Somedays you win and other days you lose, but you grow and that is what is important. Thanks to one who found this out in the desert.


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