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So Last night was my tarot "class" with Douglas, Kathy and Denise. We got to chat a bit and look over our book Tarot For Yourself. We talked about the life chart and how you can plot the cards that effect your year and what cycle you are on, etc. Kathy was having trouble figuring it out, but she was using two different ways of using the charts. Denise, who was new to the group, was a kick in the pants. She didn't know if she like the rolling dice to figure out cards method Douglas and I learned at BATS, but she got "cards" that pertained to her current life situation. Funny stuff. I had Douglas read for me and as I thought it was pretty accurate. Not as dead on as last time, but this sounded more like a reading about work so it is still vague for me.

We are having a blast with it and we are planning on going to the Tarot Tea in Sept. and Kathy and Denise are planning to go to The Thalassa Land Method Of Tarot class in Sept at Ancient Ways. Douglas and I went in March and then to BATS in April, hence our starting this class. Thalassa is a kick. She just is. If you want to know about the Tarot she is a great resource. She has been working with the tarot for 20+ years and she is open to many people's ideas about what the cards could be saying. She Doesn't HAVE to be the only one right, which is great.

Okay so here are some web sites if you want to know more:
Ancient Ways:

This has classes on all kinds of stuff, but Thalassa has her classes here.

And here is the Daughters Of Divination Web Site(Oh and Men can be "Daughters" too!):

Also Here is the SF BATS info page if you wanna know what this is:

Okay well off to read more in my Tarot For Yourself and see what else is abound.


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