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 Well it is 12 and I am almost completely ready for tomorrow.... we still have stuff to do in the AM and we still have packing we could do but I need to get to bed.  we totally missed the fun at Mark, Liana and *Rick's Party(Hope it was awesome!) but we needed to pack and get ready for all of the people who are coming to help tomorrow.  THANK YOU in advance!

We kick off at 11 as so many people were doing stuff today and this evening.  I figured people might want to sleep in and we could get last minute packing done that we needed to do.  We still have no kitchen, but we can get most stuff in tomorrow and just run back and forth to the old place for now... we have the old place until 9/15 so we have a little time to clean and get it ready for turning back over to the landloards.  

I can't believe it has been almost 2 years.  It is amazing to me.  I can't think right now.  Must go sleep to be ready for tomorrow.  

Okay computer will be back on by Monday.  Hugs and here is to the new place.  Thanks for all the support anf love even from far away!  And all who couldn't make it, I know you will come to the house warming, right???? 

Okay good night!


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