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I never thought I would be as busy and tired as I have been.

I have every weekend in October filled with something.   This weekend is lovely camping for Mr. J's birthday, next weekend is Folsom Fair with TTG, and then a James Wanless Coaching Intensive the 24-25.  Then my favorite holiday is next , Halloween!

Mind you I also have to get dinner plans in there with the Chairminion, Con Ops Head and Vice Chair of BayCon(not on a weekend, please!) and spending more time with other people I see so rarely as I spend most of my time commuting than anything else. But I miss you people!!!!!!! Really. But such is life.

Work is going okay.  I went to Seattle for the Crash Pad Roadshow which was very fun and saw Seattle for the first time.  I also got to spend time with my friend Tim from high school.  We have known each other for 22 years!  It amazes me.  It was great to catch up and just chat about where we both were are in our lives.  He also let me know about his family and I shared about mine.

Things are going okay at home.  Drew still is looking for work.  If you know of any job openings he might be qualified for, let him know.
Things are mentally stressful but it could just be me. Worrying I inherited from my mom.  Thanks Mom....

Okay well back to doing what I should be doing.... moving stuff in the warehouse and posting for JW.

Short and to the point, Life is fair to midland and I can't wait for 2009 to be 2010.  Ready to start a new one...=)
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"And then in the midst of blinding white-out, you realize that part of the first one is making sure that the people you depend on are, well, dependable. If you continue to stumble and hope they'll catch you, and they continue to drop you and keep walking, it is as much your fault as theirs. If your friends leave you in the desert, at some point you must take responsibility for the fact that you ought to have either planned for it, or chosen better friends.

Just because you were someone's friend for a long time, does not guarantee that they will be your friend forever. I've never had to deal with this outside the context of major life changes: moves, marriages, religious conversion, death. Growing up means accepting that sometimes people are not who you expected, and that sometimes they just change. Admitting that you were wrong is as much a part of it as allowing that they are not the person you once knew. You shift course in the dust and the wind, you anchor your eyes on a non-moving object - the mountains in the distance or the angle of your shadow - and you walk on.

I read this tonight and it hit home. Somedays you win and other days you lose, but you grow and that is what is important. Thanks to one who found this out in the desert.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] sami406 !

Enjoy your day!
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It was great to realize that this year was my 7th year at PantheaCon and it brought my con going to a full circle....


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