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Today is the first day where I have only one set of keys! We gave the old keys back yesterday. We unpacked a ton last night and Drew went nuts in the kitchen today. He matched all the plastic containers with their lids, put all the dry goods away and moved stuff in the living room around so I could load a few bookshelves with my books. He is amazing. What can I say?

Went to the Dames meeting today which was terrific. I got to see what's up and get ready for a Daming at Calaveras/ International Jousting Tourny next weekend. I am excited for Jusca and am looking forward to her daming. I am also saddened to know that Deanna will have to do less fair, but her reason of getting in to nursing school will have to do I guess =D Good Luck D! It is wonderful for you!

Now to get ready for another day to the job. Not looking forward to it as much as I used too, but it will be okay. Still looking for new work, but not super hard. Ah well.... we shall see what we shall see.

Good night.
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Finally posted to the userpics Meme! Yeah for HTML online codes! And hugs to the Man for helping me figure it all out!

Life has been crazy. I have been over sensitive to stuff that bothered me, but logically been telling myself it was just emotions and when I could take it no longer, I cracked and talked to my friend and we worked it out! Yay for having friends who love you and will listen even when you are being silly! And dinner with a woman who is pretty much your best friend, priceless....Love you!

The 80'S Party was amazing! I had fun running around as Nat to Les's Tootie of Facts of Life Fame. The Man was a Danny Elfman wanna be/ hottie. He wore his Pleather pants but there was no Twitch to attack him like at Halloween... Hee hee. There was great music, good food, fun pictures and ass-tastic comments made all night. Yes I said ass-tastic comments. An Ass made a nasty comment and now I will have to go deal with that. And it will be hard as the ass in question thinks it is okay to disrespect me and I don't. I am not a door mat! Any who... that is my burden to handle. Other than that, the Party was Terrific! I can't wait to see the pics!

Sunday was a guild meeting and much getting back into the swing of things. I am not sure how much fair I will be doing, but it depends on other activities I am doing. I am looking forward to some gigs that Rowan and I talked about and that Kairi is going to let me wear her party color dress! Yeah! I love that dress!

And now I need to head to bed.. OH MY GODS! IT IS 2AM!!!!!
Good night all...

And Hugs to The Man! He needs it! *smooches*


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