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Today's Card: The Moon

This card symbolizes deceptions, depression, and all that is
associated with them. The scorpion rises up out of the water
(emotions) and is poised to strike. Often our emotions and feelings
of being overwhelmed can sting like this scorpions bite, without much
warning. It is in these moments we are called to remember the power
we have to chose how we act/react.

Our power lies in our ability to carefully choose our actions, what
we will believe etc. There is a saying that says "To worry is to
pray for what you don't want". When we focus on hardship we bring
more of the same to our lives through the law of attraction. Learn
to take charge of your reactions and don't be overcome by
circumstances. This too shall pass.

Be a good friend today to someone in need (perhaps even yourself) who
needs an objective person to listen and empathize. Use your
emotional/intuitive side to benefit others. If you feel someone is
in need of something you can provide aid that person. If you are in
need of some down time to clear your head, take some time for
yourself to do just that.

Take anyone's overreactions or overemotional displays today with a
grain of salt. We all have those days where our emotions get the
better of our sound judgment. Be careful you aren't the one
overreacting too ;).

And we do all have those days! Hugs and insightful readings to all!
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Today's Card: The Queen of Cups

In this card we see the queen with her cup overflowing. She has
butterfly wings, and behind her the full moon shines brightly. The
moon indicates her intuition, and her higher wisdom being her guide
as it shines upon her crown. The Wings symbolize rebirth and renewal,
just as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, we grow also into
higher potential and awareness. She stands among the greenery of the
earth and the flowers, looking forward. She is graced by higher
wisdom, wings to fly, and also maintains a connection to Mother
Earth. She symbolizes a well-rounded person who remains grounded, but
also relies heavily (and trusts in) her own intuition. The
ability to connect to Divine Wisdom isn't forced, she realizes it is
always within her and all around her. Her generosity of Spirit flows
from her heart into the cup which she offers to those in need around

Today she tells us to be generous, to remember our
connection to the Divine, to Nature, and to our own Spirit. Walk in
abundance, have faith in yourself and trust your Universal plan

Just what I need to remember when Stupid Scottish women drive me insane!  However, life is getting better all the time.  And you all have a great Friday the 13!  I will!


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