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And Some one was once married on this day back in 1994.... ah the memories.....

On This Day:
Tuesday July 10, 2007

This is the 191st day of the year, with 174 days remaining in 2007.

Fact of the Day: anatomy and physiology

Physiology was first used by the Greeks as a term to describe a philosophized inquiry into the nature of things, but the term as applied to activities of healthy humans only came about in the 16th century. Anatomy is more about identifying organs and body parts (structure), while physiology studies how they work (processes and functions).


Feast day of St. Felicity, The Seven Brothers, St. Amelberga, and Saints Rufina and Secunda.
Bahamas: Independence Day.


1460 - In England's Wars of the Roses, the Yorkists defeated the Lancastrians and captured Henry VI at the Battle of Northampton.
1778 - In support of the American Revolution, Louis XVI declared war on England.
1850 - Vice President Millard Fillmore assumed the presidency, following the death of President Zachary Taylor.
1890 - Wyoming became the 44th state.
1900 - The Paris underground railway, the Metro, was opened.
1900 - The logo of the Victor Recording Company (later, RCA Victor), with the dog Nipper looking into the horn of a gramophone machine, was registered as a trademark.
1919 - President Woodrow Wilson personally delivered the Treaty of Versailles to the Senate, and urged its ratification.
1925 - The official news agency of the Soviet Union, TASS, was established.
1925 - The trial of Tennessee teacher John T. Scopes opened (for teaching evolution), with Clarence Darrow appearing for the defense and William Jennings Bryan for the prosecution.
1940 - During World War II, the 114-day Battle of Britain began as Nazi forces attacked southern England by air.
1943 - The Allies began their invasion of Axis-controlled Europe with landings on the island of Sicily, in World War II.
1951 - Armistice talks aimed at ending the Korean conflict began at Kaesong.
1962 - The Telstar communications satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, allowing Europe and the United States to view each other's programs.
1973 - The Bahamas became independent after three centuries of British colonial rule.
1985 - Bowing to consumer pressure, the Coca-Cola Company said it would resume selling old-formula Coke.
2002 - U.S. Navy officials confirmed that marine archaeologist Robert D. Ballard had likely found PT 109, the patrol torpedo boat commanded by John F. Kennedy, in the Solomon Islands; the vessel was sunk by a Japanese destroyer in 1943.
2006 - Pakistan International Flight PK-688 crashes in Multan, Pakistan shortly after takeoff, killing all 45 people on board.


1509 - John Calvin, French religious reformer.
1835 - Henryk Wieniawski, Polish composer.
1839 - Adolphus Busch, American brewer.
1856 - Nikoli Tesla, Serbian-American inventor and researcher.
1871 - Marcel Proust, French author.
1915 - Saul Bellow, American novelist.
1943 - Arthur Ashe, American tennis player.
1947 - Arlo Guthrie, American performer, songwriter.
1980 - Adam Petty, American race car driver.


1099 - El Cid, Spanish national hero.
1979 - Arthur Fiedler, long-time conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra, a symphony orchestra that specialized in popular music.
1989 - Mel Blanc, a prolific American voice actor, performing on radio, in television commercials, and most famously, in hundreds of cartoon shorts for Warner Bros.
2003 - Hartley Shawcross, British prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] sami406 !

Enjoy your day!
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So There are 7 more days until I an 37! Yep and I promise not to suck any dick on the way to the parking lot! HA! I love Kevin Smith!
My Birthday plans as I know them or don't know them! )
Clinics and Undocumented families don't have it easy! )


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