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Today's Card: Eight of Cups

In this card we see the man walking away from what has been. He
knows he must do this to pursue his personal path to Truth. Perhaps
he has not lived a lifestyle that was for his highest good. Now
comes the point of revelation where it is clear that change is
necessary - and the only path to growth.

Although this may seem difficult, it is beneficial, and ultimately,
it comes as a great relief. As with all life changes, there are a
whole slew of emotions and questions. Now he realizes that he has
the power of the Spirit cloaking him and shielding him from the
elements of emotion/fear. When this card comes along we are shown
that even in the trying times we are being supported and guided if we
are willing to listen and trust in Spiritual guidance coming in
through that still small voice.

Change in life is often necessary even when it is uncomfortable. If
you are feeling uncomfortable right now bless the feeling, because it
means you are changing, and without change there is no growth.

Now is a time to finish up the old and embark on the new
simultaneously. Although this can make the adjustment difficult, it
will work out for the best so long as you are true to yourself and do
what your Inner Spirit dictates. With each goal you set, surround it
with the intention to move forward in the direction that is for your
highest good. Each day take a few moments to focus on the ways your
new journey is enriching your life. This can give you the courage and
momentum to continue to make progressive change.
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Today's Card: The High Priestess

In this card we see the woman poised between opposing sides of a
situation, she sits with the book of wisdom in her lap, and the moon
which represents emotions lies beneath her feet. She appears serene
and detached, looking silently within for her answers, her intuition
and keen sense of logic serve her well. You won't pull the wool
over this queen's eyes. She reminds us of the importance of
detaching from issues before making important decisions, the need to
take careful, decisive action, rather than engage in reaction. She
doesn't become cold or emotionless, but her emotions stay at her feet,
which allows her to still be empathetic without becoming overwhelmed.

The Priestess is the card of Divine Feminine Energy. She represents
intuition, the sub-conscious, "hidden" knowledge/wisdom, ability to
connect directly to your "higher self", the balance between
polarities,and personal power. Today trust your instincts/intuition to
guide you through any stressful or uncertain moments.

The Priestess speaks of learning to trust ourselves and our ability
to co-create our destiny, and also faith in our higher power. She
reminds us that we are always in control of our lives through the
choices we make. No matter what happens in the outer world, within
us is a place of power and peace, where each of us can connect with
Divine guidance and gain more insight into the deeper meaning/lessons
behind our circumstances.
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The Two of Chalices card suggests that you should rely on and be receptive to genuine love, empathy and emotional support. Your appreciation, sacrifice and pursuit could be rewarded with a meeting of the minds. Be prepared to seal the deal with a kiss or a toast, or to make a major decision regarding your relationship or love life -- one that could affect your level of commitment or domestic happiness. By meeting each other on common ground as equals or by sharing your feelings and intentions honestly and without fear or restraint, you can come to an understanding, see both sides or initiate a romantic transformation that may be mirrored in your partner's eyes.

Part of me sees the romantic aspects of this but another part of me is seeing the friendship aspect of this card and trying to focus on that as it is weighing on my mind right now. I am hoping to work through my issues that Imay just be imagining or being over sensitive too... that is the hope any way.

More later. Now back to work!!!*cracking of imaginarey whip!*


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