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All I can hear in my head right now is the following...
For Good from Wicked )

And truly , I have been changed for the better, my lovelies. And so we move forward.

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Today is the first day where I have only one set of keys! We gave the old keys back yesterday. We unpacked a ton last night and Drew went nuts in the kitchen today. He matched all the plastic containers with their lids, put all the dry goods away and moved stuff in the living room around so I could load a few bookshelves with my books. He is amazing. What can I say?

Went to the Dames meeting today which was terrific. I got to see what's up and get ready for a Daming at Calaveras/ International Jousting Tourny next weekend. I am excited for Jusca and am looking forward to her daming. I am also saddened to know that Deanna will have to do less fair, but her reason of getting in to nursing school will have to do I guess =D Good Luck D! It is wonderful for you!

Now to get ready for another day to the job. Not looking forward to it as much as I used too, but it will be okay. Still looking for new work, but not super hard. Ah well.... we shall see what we shall see.

Good night.
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So what can I say? Oh the move... well... we had more than a ton of people. I was so surprised how everyone pitched in and just helped us like mad. They were great. I can't wait to show everyone the house when it is unpacked and organized. I have no computer up and running yet but I get to use the one here where I babysit and at the office occassionaly to look at my LJ and Myspace, but I just don't have enough time to post at work and I only babysit when needed. So until the house computers are up and running you only get little snippets of life from me.

TTG is going well. We did SF Fair and had an amzing time. We had 5 readers and we kept ourselves pretty busy which was good considering there were two other reader booths there which were not supposed to be doing card readings but other such "mystical" things. Oh well, we still did well and we got a compliment from a parton who went to one of the other readers and then to us and said she liked our readings better! I also so the cutest kid there dressed in a small ber suit... he kept smiling at me while I read for his parents individulally and finally I asked his name. It was Marcello! I had to laugh. I went and talked to Adam about his "son" running around and who was it's mother. It was silly. Adam had no idea what I was going on about. It was okay. I had fun at the event even though I missed out on some great gigs with deaths and marriages and such. I did however get to attend and read at Kendra's knighting. I was too choked up to say all the wonderful things about her I have felt over the years, but I did tell her the night before so I hope she knows. Also I was asked to break the engagment with "Marcello" and finally marry him. We will be doing that at Folsom. Heehee... I hope Dona Cristina and the "married" ladies help make this a fun gig. We have put it off for a long time I know... ah well we knew it would happen someday Marcello.

As to RL, things are going well. Drew and I are making plans and trying to move forward in life. Luth is being luthianish and things are okay. We have many plans to share later when they become closer to real. For now know that we are happy and things are moving forward in a happy direction.

I have been doing the check up on friends on MySpace and saw that some one has come out of hidding. I know we will proabably never speak, but I wish them well and hope they know they are cared about. I know that Higher Spirits are watching out for them.

What else can I say? Life is good. Must go stitch now. I have blankets to finish, boats as well and I am ready to get this show on the road. =)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] sami406 !

Enjoy your day!
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my xmas stocking )
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Just so everyone knows,

[profile] admiralorko and [profile] mishfish78
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So Last night was the party of the year! The Annual Cocktails at Bill and Christina's! There was dressing up, champagne, chai martinis, fondue and chocolate fondue fountains as well as wonderful conversation and friends! Every one looks lovely dressed to the nines and engaging in in conversations from theoretical physics to WOW and everything in between! It one the of events I look forward to every year and this year was no exception!
I got all gussied up and had Erica the Wonder Hair Dresser fix my tresses and put on the long black velvet dress and heels and off I went with The Man in a pinstriped jacket and pants and his snazzy purple shirt! We even got a lovely parking space! And I got to chat up Lila, Roo,Rowan, Martin, Kendra, Leslie, Brian, Liana, Rick, Mark, Nancy, Nick and Thea, Ed and Camie and Ed and Shaunie(sp),Tiffany and Pax, as well as Perry, Adam, Ray, Tom, Dana, Puppy, Alicia, and Scott! I know there were more but my brain is wracked as to all of the lovely ladies and gentles that just kept the evening moving! (Please forgive if I did forget to mention you!) It was wondrous and as usual THE Event Of The year and a perfect top to gearing up to Christmas. We went home at 1:30 AM and I was in bed by 2:30.
Then it was up today to head to Dickens where I did try to sing.(Not shooting me any of you!) I did opening in Fezzies but couldn't sing higher than bass and I am a second soprano! OWWW. But I did see my lovely lady friends and we did have tea! And 3 of them fell to the loveliness of the rings and got wonderful christmas gifts for themselves. Their fingers will be the envy of all who set eyes on them!(I know I am!)And Anthony and Margee also came today, but I was so busy I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked to! I had never seen the Naughty French Postcards show until today. It was very well done, but I realized what was meant by Banana Sling! WOW. And I also wanted to go back to Florence and see the Birth of Venus again.

I got home and The Man had a wonderful surprise for me. He had painted my lovely lady on her pumpkin and gotten a new vacuum! And for himself he got a ... NEW TV! Wow is all I could say! It is so pretty. Now I can watch Randell Graves and his version of the Lord of the Rings in 32" of LCD Beauty! It is astounding!

Okay I need to sleep as I am not making it to Dickens tomorrow so I can make it next Sat. So it is off to cuddle and sleep.
Good Night The Man.
Good Night Child of Fairy and your Fairy Queen.
Good Night Ilia.
Good Night Moon!
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Today's Card: The Queen of Cups

In this card we see the queen with her cup overflowing. She has
butterfly wings, and behind her the full moon shines brightly. The
moon indicates her intuition, and her higher wisdom being her guide
as it shines upon her crown. The Wings symbolize rebirth and renewal,
just as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, we grow also into
higher potential and awareness. She stands among the greenery of the
earth and the flowers, looking forward. She is graced by higher
wisdom, wings to fly, and also maintains a connection to Mother
Earth. She symbolizes a well-rounded person who remains grounded, but
also relies heavily (and trusts in) her own intuition. The
ability to connect to Divine Wisdom isn't forced, she realizes it is
always within her and all around her. Her generosity of Spirit flows
from her heart into the cup which she offers to those in need around

Today she tells us to be generous, to remember our
connection to the Divine, to Nature, and to our own Spirit. Walk in
abundance, have faith in yourself and trust your Universal plan

Just what I need to remember when Stupid Scottish women drive me insane!  However, life is getting better all the time.  And you all have a great Friday the 13!  I will!


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