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We were running around two days before to make sure everything was in place so Drew could pick up the last bits as I had to work both Monday and Tuesday.
All the wedding details. You have been warned! )

HUGS and here is to a fabulous 2009!
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Dear Rose,
Here is your horoscope
for Saturday, March 24:

It's time to restrategize, especially if some plans end up being out-of-date or just plain unworkable in the light of recent developments. Daring actions are favored -- don't settle for what seems safe.

So I guess I can say that thinks are looking up. And it has been a supremely glorious day!

A Beautiful Wedding, lovely friends, great family, and dinner with a wonderful woman(JOY!)! It was a glorious wedding of two of the best people I know. And the Reverend was a riot! And the drive at 5 am was not bad what with seeing the sun rise and just being about to help even a little was refreshing and rejuvenating. And seeing so many people come together in a secluded place to witness the joining of this couple was awe-inspiring.
Then coming home to dine with a lovely woman who is just a joy to hang out with really is a great ending to my day.


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