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Here is a link to an article that feels Same Sex marriage leads to more children born out of wedlock and opens the door to polygamy and perhaps “consensual” incest.

So is this really how people feel? Do they honestly believe that if we all went back to every one in the closet, no one getting access to birth control and only the Judeo-Christian value system, things would be better?

I agree morals have changed. But to hide verses see the reality just seems unrealistic. I mean I read of same sex couples wedding after 21+ years of being together. How is that bad?

PLEASE some one who is not for this issue, give me your honest view. I may not agree with you, but I want to know. And if you don't feel this way, don't try to explain it to me. I want some one who is against this to speak from their heart. I can guess why people are against this issue. I have read a bunch, but truly I want to hear from a person who is against this so I can hear them, not the propaganda of their party(unless they are spouting it.)

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... it is unknown to me! (Unless you want to show me how to track that...)

As seen in Uncledark and others LJ (You know who you are....)

If you woke up one morning...

... and saw me in your bed what would you do?

You're allowed to pick as many as needed.

1) go back to sleep
2) slap me
3) cuss me out
4) just tell me to leave
5) cuddle
6) make me breakfast
7) ask me my name
8) call the cops
9) kiss me
10) laugh
11) smile
12) ask, "Aren't you on face book/LiveJournal/Tribe?"..
13) swear to never drink again
14) have sex with me
15) "What the fuck?"
16) other (explain)

Repost and see just what people get up to with you in their bed. You might be surprised!

Comments screened, but assume I'm going to reveal them unless they're abusive and unfunny. Or you ask me not to.


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