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Things have been interesting of late. My part time job is getting busier with iPhone apps in beta and a deck to come out in the future as well as myself teaching a class. Was supposed to do it in March but one of my co-teacher's broke her leg. So the class is on hold for now. We are hosting a Tarot Cafe SF however on April 6 and then again April 20 at Borderlands Cafe in San Francisco! And I will be speaking and starting the discussion group then it is open fun to share decks and spreads as the people there like. I am a touch nervous but it will be fun. I am looking forward to the bi-weekly meetup of Tarot enthusiasts and seeing the other decks that people treasure. I need to come up with a topic for the first meeting though. It will happen.

What else? BayCon is on and happening May 28-31 and I have a full team. I am working on scheduling and making sure everyone gets one evening off to play as ConOps is open 24 hours a day once the con starts. I have 6 people as well as myself. I hope to have Sunday off myself. I will be at the hotel Wed. after work and leave Tuesday morning to head to my office in San Francisco. It should be a ton of fun. I have friends planning wonderful costumes, and I have ribbons to hand out as well. I am trying to think about if I want to dress up for any of the "Themes" my friends are talking about, but the reality is will I have the time? I don't know. I don't work these things to hang out really... okay a little but mostly to work with people I like and put on a good show.

My Day job is going ok. I feel like I need to do more there but I am not completely sure what else I can do to get clients. I have called a ton of stores, corporations and individuals. I have sent sample DVDs and have gotten some new clients but it is getting harder to do. While the movies we make are revolutionary, DVDs are not as popular as they used to be. Still trying to keep finding new clients.

I am doing a new venture this year which is making little crochet animals to sell at WonderCon. Zthey will not be at the table I am actually working though as I am working for KatGirl Studios and Hell Has Found Me and the animals will be at Tri-Tail studios table(I think that is the name the ladies are using). If it isn't I will post the table to find them at later. But I can make one on the way to work and one on the way back as I ride BART (public transit) and it is just enough time to make the pieces needed. I hope they go over well. It is different for me.

well it is that time... bed is calling me.

More sooner I hope.
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So this weekend was WonderCon! Read more... )
Now work is there and hopefully I will get to see the Mikado with The Man and his parents this weekend. And I believe there is a guild meeting as well! So busy and still not sure what is what this year! Off to bed!



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