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All I can hear in my head right now is the following...
For Good from Wicked )

And truly , I have been changed for the better, my lovelies. And so we move forward.

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Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is a card of choices, and learning to recognize
potential rather than only seeing obstacles.

Here we see the man leaning on one of his staffs, the others have
been left behind. He is moving out of comfort zones and into the
new and unknown. The desert he is crossing through is barren, and
the mountains are in the distance. He can view this from different
perspectives: One is that it is risky, and he might not make it.
The other is that it is flat and empty, so there are no obstacles
present and he can reach the mountain if he keeps moving.

The sunny skies indicate that his best opportunities will come from
a willingness to accept new growth in his life. The red of his
cloak indicates personal power and energy, it surrounds him in a
protective way, allowing him to adopt the pioneering spirit he needs
to move forward and act on new ideas.

The only other choice is for him to remain still, but the past
leaves nothing to sustain him, and the future depends entirely upon
his decision to act or not act. In this case, movement becomes
necessary to affect positive change. There are times when we must
encourage ourselves to leave the comfort of what we have known, so
that we might progress into a new and better way of living.


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