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On June 12, 2007, Mildred Loving issued a rare public statement prepared for delivery on the 40th anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia decision of the US Supreme Court, which commented on same-sex marriage. [2] The concluding paragraphs of her statement read as follows:

“ Surrounded as I am now by wonderful children and grandchildren, not a day goes by that I don't think of Richard and our love, our right to marry, and how much it meant to me to have that freedom to marry the person precious to me, even if others thought he was the "wrong kind of person" for me to marry. I believe all Americans, no matter their race, no matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry. Government has no business imposing some people's religious beliefs over others. Especially if it denies people's civil rights.
I am still not a political person, but I am proud that Richard's and my name is on a court case that can help reinforce the love, the commitment, the fairness, and the family that so many people, black or white, young or old, gay or straight seek in life. I support the freedom to marry for all. That's what Loving, and loving, are all about."

I think this one of the most beautiful things any one can say about love and why aren't more people seeing it this way?

Well that is my opinion any way.
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Here is a link to an article that feels Same Sex marriage leads to more children born out of wedlock and opens the door to polygamy and perhaps “consensual” incest.

So is this really how people feel? Do they honestly believe that if we all went back to every one in the closet, no one getting access to birth control and only the Judeo-Christian value system, things would be better?

I agree morals have changed. But to hide verses see the reality just seems unrealistic. I mean I read of same sex couples wedding after 21+ years of being together. How is that bad?

PLEASE some one who is not for this issue, give me your honest view. I may not agree with you, but I want to know. And if you don't feel this way, don't try to explain it to me. I want some one who is against this to speak from their heart. I can guess why people are against this issue. I have read a bunch, but truly I want to hear from a person who is against this so I can hear them, not the propaganda of their party(unless they are spouting it.)

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Hundreds of Same Sex Couples Share Vows Across California

Updated: June 17, 2008 02:37 PM PDT

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Serenaded by a gay men's chorus, showered
with rose petals and toasted with champagne, hundreds of tearful
same-sex couples got married across the state Tuesday in what some
are calling California's new Summer of Love.

Wearing everything from T-shirts to tuxedos and lavish gowns,
they rushed down to county clerks' offices to obtain marriage
licenses and exchange vows on the first full day that gay marriage
became legal in California by order of the state's highest court.
They were joined by jubilant crowds that came to witness the event.

George Takei, who played Sulu on the original "Star Trek,"
beamed as he and his partner of 21 years, Brad Altman, obtained one
of the new gender-neutral marriage licenses - with the words
"Party A" and "Party B" instead of "bride" and "groom" - at
the West Hollywood City Hall. They are planning a September

"I see before me people who personify love and commitment," a
grinning Takei told the crowd. He flashed the Vulcan hand salute
from "Star Trek" and, in a twist on the Vulcan greeting from the
TV series, said: "May equality live long and prosper."
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