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I realize many friends don't talk about Religion and Politics as these are difficult topics. But I feel we all need to be aware of what the candidates stands for or against. I don't mind if you feel abortion is wrong for YOU. This is America and you have that choice. But I feel strongly that it is a personal choice and I should not have a say in what a woman may feel she needs to do. I would rather her have a safe place and support if she chooses to have an abortion verses going to back alley unlicensed "clinics". If "God" finds it wrong, when we die we will know. Until then I would rather provide safety for women who makes these choices. And sadly John McCain is trying to take that choice away. I am standing up here to say "I can't vote for you because of this."

"I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned." - Senator John McCain, 2-10-2007

Planned Parenthood provides health care and education to five million women, men, and teens in the United States and abroad every year. That's why the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is especially concerned about John McCain's record on reproductive health issues.

Here’s what you should know about John McCain:

· AGAINST Roe v. Wade-1

· AGAINST comprehensive, medically-accurate sex education-2

· AGAINST requiring health care plans to cover birth control-3

· AGAINST funding international family planning-4

· AGAINST funding to reduce unintended and teen pregnancies-5

· AGAINST funding for public education on emergency contraception-6

· AGAINST restoring family planning services for low-income women-7

For more information about Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s Know

McCain Campaign, go to

KNOW the facts :

1. 3/12/03 Roll Call 48; 2. 7/25/06 Roll Call 214; 3. 3/11/03 Roll Call 45; 4. 3/14/96 Roll Call 35; 5. 3/17/05 Roll Call 75; 6. 3/17/05 Roll Call 75; 7. 3/17/05 Roll Call 58.

I also support the death penalty and Same Sex marriage too, in case people want to know. I am not PC at all. I am me.
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