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Bushian Logic

But the Bush administration is not big on European philosophers. So perhaps we can develop the philosophy in purely Bushian terms. To highlight its logic, I will present it in mathematical form, the way that Spinoza presented his ethics:

Axiom 1: We are good people.

Axiom 2: Our enemies are bad people.

Axiom 3: Anything that helps good people beat bad people is good.

Corollary 1: Whatever we do to beat our enemies is good.

Corollary 2: Whatever hinders us from doing what we do to beat our enemies is bad.

Theorem 1: Anythingthat makes us look bad is false. (Proof: If it makes us look bad, itmust be false, because, according to Corollary 1, what we do to beatour enemies is good, not

Corollary 3:It can’t be true that the Guantanamo prisoners killed themselvesbecause of how we treated them. (Proof: That would make us look bad.Whatever makes us look bad is false.)

Surprising Corollary 4: Facts that make us look bad are false.
(Proof: Follows directly from Theorem 1.) (Comment: If you thought thatfacts can’t be false, you haven’t understood that truth and falsity aremoral terms: truth is what good people say, falsity is what bad peoplesay. If bad people state facts, those facts are false.)

Theorem 2: Laws that constrain us are bad. (Proof: Follows directly from Corollary 2.) But –

Axiom 4: Good people support the rule of law, and that makes the rule of law good.

Corollary 4: We support the rule of law. (Proof: By Axiom 1, we’re good people; and by Axiom 4, good people support the rule of law.)

Surprising Theorem 3:Laws that constrain us don’t exist. (Proof: By Theorem 2, a law thatconstrains us would be bad. But by Axiom 4, the rule of law is good.Therefore there cannot be such a thing as a law that constrains us.)

Axiom 5: Anything that anyone uses against us is a weapon of our enemies.
Decisive Theorem: Any international forum or legal argument that mightconstrain us, or anything that might make us look bad, is a weapon ofour enemies.

Axiom 6: We’re strong and our enemies are weak.

Corollary 5:Any international forum or legal argument that might constrain us, oranything that might make us look bad, is a weapon of the weak. To putit in other words, it is an act of asymmetric war against us.

I love you Uncle Dark! Even in an insomniac state, you rock my socks! I miss the Oracle Of Oakland. Must go to Ancient Ways soon.


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